Welcome to Canda Bytes

We’re Clare and Anna – hello and welcome!

We’re a creative couple living in Brighton and Hove, friendly city by the sea. Our shared passion for the environment, wildlife and social justice inspires our art.

Together we’re Canda Bytes – art that cares.

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Making a positive difference with our art

We believe small actions can create positive change for our planet, nature and each other.

We make sustainable art with a positive message to create positive ripples.

Caring passionately about the environment

Our care feeds into all aspects of how we run Canda Bytes, including how we create our art.

We power our studio using a certified-vegan, green energy provider, and work with UK partners and suppliers who share our passion for sustainability.

Eco art and commissions

You can visit our Etsy store or commission art from us, safe in the knowledge that you’re making a positive eco-friendly choice.

Creating positive ripples

Our Canda Bytes ethos is a positive message that inspires our art.

Our positive message

“Let’s… care for each other • create positive ripples • be mindful • look after the natural world • celebrate diversity • see our similarities • find the wonder in the everyday • be environmentally friendly • make a positive difference.”